Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia’s story goes back to Viking sailors who heard of an Italian girl sacrificing herself for her beliefs in Christianity. During the Roman Empire, Lucia was bethrothed to be married. However, she gave her dowry away to some Christians, who were suffering persecution for their beliefs. Her fiancé was so angry about the lost dowry that he turned Lucia in to the Romans, who executed her. The story traveled to Scandinavia, where it became very popular, especially as a Swedish Christmas tradition. Every year Swedish homes and businesses choose a “Lucia.” Lucia is typically a young girl with a lighted candle wreath on her head, wearing a long white dress with a red sash. She bears a striking resemblance to the German gift bearer, Christkindl.

St.Lucia saints day is celebrated on December 13th.

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